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Burnham Hall

At Wayland, we can come as we are and discover who we are going to be. Ready to pursue our wildest dreams. 

Along the way, we discover friends and mentors who challenge and celebrate us. We realize our own unique potential and power in the world. 

Together, we learn how to live alongside one another, and, in turn, we form lifelong relationships that continue to shape our future. 

The hallmark of Wayland Made is the new girls dorm, located on Wayland’s main campus between Ella Dye and Discovery Hall. The two-story building houses 68 students as well as faculty members on each floor. 

The facility is designed from the ground up with today’s student in mind, emphasizing shared spaces where young people can relax, engage, and study together, helping everyone become a part of the community. Burnham Hall has bright, modern residences for our faculty, providing them with places they are proud to call home, right in the heart of our residential life. 

Burnham Hall Naming Opportunities

Hear from Naomi Mwai `23—Prefect in Burnham Hall

If you would like to learn more about supporting the Wayland Made campaign,  please contact:

Carrie Ahlborn

Director of Advancement

Burnham Hall Photos and Renderings

Burnham Hall dorm room entry rendering

The dorm rooms in Burnham Hall feature soft seating benches with bulletin boards above the benches. This meeting space encourages students to get out of their room to meet with their classmates, while providing bulletin boards to allow them to express their creative side or announce club activities. 

Burnham Hall corridor rendering

The corridors in Burnham Hall feature soft seating outside of the rooms and study alcoves at the end of the hallways. The windows at the end of the corridors provide wonderful natural light and provide a great view of campus. 

Student dorm room rendering in Burnham Hall

The dorm rooms in Burnham Hall are designed with today's students in mind, with modern furniture and large windows that let in wonderful natural light. Rooms feature individual study spaces as well as storage options. 

Burnham Hall lounge rendering

The Smith Lounge in Burnham Hall is a wonderful place for students to gather, whether studying by the fire, having a club meeting, or just hanging out. The stairs in the lounge lead to the second floor and "The Bridge" study space that overlooks Mary's Courtyard. 

Burnham Hall faculty apartment rendering

The faculty residences in Burnham Hall are spacious and modern, and with two on each floor, faculty are be located right in the heart of the residence hall, making it easy for them to work with students and address their needs. The faculty residences are places that our faculty are proud to call home. 

Rendering of Mary's Courtyard, outside of Burnham Hall

Mary's Courtyard—named in honor of Mary-Lucile Smith`12—is a beautiful outdoor space for students to gather, with trees, greenery, and flower gardens lining the sides, it is a peaceful outdoor oasis. 

Burnham Hall dorm office rendering

The Nielsen Family Office in Burnham Hall is centrally located adjacent to the main lounge, allowing on-duty faculty to monitor activity. 

Burnham Hall corridor study space rendering

The end of the corridors in Burnham Hall feature student study alcoves with full height windows which provide natural light and a wonderful view of Wayland's campus.

Burnham Hall second floor study area photo, overlooking the lounge

The Bridge study area, on the second floor of Burnham Hall, overlooks Mary's Courtyard and the lounge space on the first floor. 

Burnham Hall Virtual Walk-Through

Burnham Hall Construction