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We are many, but together we are one.

The Wayland Academy community spans the entire globe—7,000+ strong—and together we are mighty. Our alumni and friends have a strong history of support and helping us to advance the mission of the Academy. Your gift, no matter the size, can make a big difference—and when it is combined with gifts from many other alumni and friends, it can help fund projects that support current programs on campus, it can honor beloved members of our community, it can leave a permanent mark on campus, it can help students to take educational field trips . . . and more.

Your support shows our current students and faculty that you believe in a Wayland education. It shows that you are investing in the future of the Academy and helping to continue the world-class education and iconic facilities that the institution maintains.

female basketball player, male basketball player preparing to shoot free throw, boys basketball action

Ring the Bell for Big Red Baskteball!!

Have you heard the news? Wayland's basketball program is having one heck of a year. The varsity girls just finished their regular season and won their first round in the WIAA playoff game. The varsity boys, whose record is 16-3 and the best that Wayland has seen since the early 2000s, will host up to two WIAA regional games. 

Needless to say that our Big Red basketball teams are on fire 🔥🔥🔥!

With this renewed energy and excitement around our basketball programs, we want our equipment and teams to reflect our team spirit. Specifically, the players need:

  • three (3) additional girls' Varsity uniforms
  • three (3) additional boys' Varsity uniforms
  • two (4) basketball racks to be used for practice, games, and tournaments.   

Please help us raise $2,000 to help our basketball teams be the best in the conference, now and in the future!

Support Wayland Basketball

five crew team members in their uniforms by the water with backs to the camera

Help Build Wayland's Crew Team

Our first ever waterfront program was launched in the spring of 2022. Since then, 31 students have participated on Wayland's Crew Team during both the spring and fall seasons. Because this sport is new to Wayland, all of the current equipment being used is hand-me-downs that Coach Ahlborn has acquired from his network of crew businesses and organizations. 

To grow the rowing team, and for it to become a well-established sport at Wayland and within the rowing community, we need to acquire the following 

  • a motorboat and motor with trailer
  • safety shoes for each seat in the boats
  • sundry spare parts for wear and tear replacement

These additions will make an immediate impact in the growth of our student athletes and their rowing experience. Additionally, this equipment is needed to ensure a safe experience for all athletes.  

Please help us raise $15,236 to help build our crew and support them in meeting their goals, now and in the future!

Support Wayland Crew

Sol Wolfe `34 Pool

Just Keep Swimming

Your contribution to the Just Keep Swimming campaign will help to maintain the legacy of the aquatic sports at Wayland Academy, ensure that current and future student athletes have a safe environment to swim in, and allow for students to achieve their best-selves.

Time and plenty of good use has taken a toll on the Sol Wolf `34 Pool and $40K in enhancements are necessary.

Let's make a splash for the Sol Wolfe Pool `34!

female student throwing shotput, male student running, and mail student doing high jump

Help Send Big Red Athletes to a Learn-By-Doing Clinic

FUNDED: $1,000

Big Red track and field athletes and coaches have the opportunity to attend UW–Whitewater's Learn-by-Doing Clinic this February (2023). The one-day clinic will feature sessions on throwing discus and shot put, jumping (long, triple, and high), sprinting, pole vaulting, and hurdling. This clinic is a wonderful opportunity for athletes and coaches to receive hands-on training from NCAA championship-award winning coaches and staff. Our athletes will also be able to interact and learn from college athletes. Your support will offset the cost of attendance and travel to/from UW–Whitewater. 


Sesquicentennial Plaza

Buy A Brick—Reunion Class Challenge

Give a gift that lasts a lifetime! This year, we are asking that the milestone reunion years (years ending in 3s and 8s) come together to purchase a brick in honor of your class year. These brick pavers will grace the Sesquicentennial Plaza in front of Discovery Hall—a comfortable gathering place for all who visit campus—and serves as a growing legacy to Wayland's family and friends. 

Buy A Brick Today

Diane Alpaugh H`84

Alpaugh Alcove
FUNDED: $50,000

This August, the girls at Wayland moved into our new girls dorm, Burnham Hall. And what would a girls dorm at Wayland be without Ms. Alpaugh's influence? That's why we have started this collaborative effort to name one of the dorm alcoves in her honor.

Let's come together to name the ALPAUGH ALCOVE! 


Waylandtines Day graphic, Wayland Academy's Day of Giving February 14

Waylandtines Day—Go Green
FUNDED: $22,850

During Wayland Academy's annual Day of Giving—Waylandtines Day—alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends came together to raise funds for the Academy's forest restoration project. The three-acre forested green space on North Campus has many ash trees that have died due to the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer. This has also caused significant health and hazard concerns to the Wayland community, as the areas affected are  frequently used and are adjacent to academic buildings, parking, campus sidewalks, and neighboring residential housing. With a 2:1 matching grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, we have the unique opportunity to fund the removal of dead/dying trees, replant new trees, and provide a learning opportunity for our environmental science and Ecology Club students. 

Go Green and support the Forest Restoration project!