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We are many, but together we are one.

The Wayland Academy community spans the entire globe—7,000+ strong—and together we are mighty. Our alumni and friends have a strong history of support and helping us to advance the mission of the Academy. Your gift, no matter the size, can make a big difference—and when it is combined with gifts from many other alumni and friends, it can help fund projects that support current programs on campus, it can honor beloved members of our community, it can leave a permanent mark on campus, it can help students to take educational field trips . . . and more.

Your support shows our current students and faculty that you believe in a Wayland education. It shows that you are investing in the future of the Academy and helping to continue the world-class education and iconic facilities that the institution maintains.

Current Campaigns

Currently there are no on-going crowdfunding campaigns. Please check back this fall! 

Past Campaigns