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Dining at Wayland

Dining on campus is provided by Sodexo Food Services and led by Jill Czarnecki. Students enjoy tasty meals and the staff is very responsive to suggestions for additions to the menu.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served Monday through Friday, and brunch and dinner are served on Saturday and Sunday. 

Lunch and dinner offerings include a main entrée and vegetarian entrée, pizza station, deli bar, salad bar, specialty salad, fresh baked bread (lunch only), homemade soup, specialty station (twice weekly), panini machines, breakfast bar, homemade desserts, and soft serve ice cream.   

Wayland's dining staff are able to accommodate many special dietary needs—dietary restrictions, special diets or allergies. Students, parents, and/or guardians should contact the Health Center to discuss any special dietary needs.   
The dining team also creates wonderful formal meals for special occasions, like dances and the annual Senior Brunch. These meals are especially memorable. Alumni often remark how much they enjoy coming back to campus for Homecoming and the Spring Gala to enjoy the fabulous cuisine created by the Sodexo team. 


Dining Staff

Jill Czarnecki

General Manager of Dining Services, Sodexo

Wendy Boschert

Garde Manager, Sodexo

Hayley Kong

Senior Cook, Sodexo