Math Team Ties for First Place in the 2020–2021 Trailway Conference Math Meet

Wayland Academy's Math Team, led by Olga Johnson, tied for first with Central Wisconsin Christian in the 2020–2021 Trailway Conference Math Meet. The overall team was divided into smaller teams. The Wayland teams were split out by the math class they are currently enrolled in—Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2—with seniors making up the Advancement Math team. Each team took the test as individuals and as a group. The tests were comprised of a compilation of questions from the past four years (2015–2019). Team members prepared for the testing through their coursework and some put in extra practice time in their free hours in the library. All of their hard work paid off. Congratulations! 🎉

Overall Results
Algebra 1
First place: Caleb Buist (CWC)
Second place: Ethyn Tallman
Third place: Nathan Weirough
Fourth place: Asher Loomis (CWC)
Fifth place: Katelyn Saeman (Randolph)

First place: KK Vander Werff (CWC)
Second place: Ada Smies (CWC)
Third place: Libby Emerick (CWC)
Fourth place: Baylee Schaalma (CWC)
Fifth place: Cade Vliestra (CWC)

Algebra 2
First place: Maria Buist (CWC)
Second place: Caitlynn Bland (CWC)
Third place: Shelby Buwalda (CWC)
Fourth place:  Kaden Buss
Fifth place: Albert Lo

Advanced Math
First place: Hung Pham
Second place: Tony Pham
Third place: Jenna Herringa (CWC)
Fourth place: Benjamin Schmucki (Randolph) 
Fifth place: Mackenzie Hoekstra (CWC)

Ms. Johnson and entire Math Team would like to thank Elise Krause `04 for proctoring the testing (practice and competition) and Brittany Rock for her support in provided sustenance so that the Team had the energy needed to perform. 👏
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