Cast Announced for Spring Theater Production

Rehearsals have begun for the spring theater production of Don't Drink the Water, a play written by Woody Allen that premiered on Broadway in 1966. The farce takes place inside an American Embassy in an unidentified country behind the Iron Curtain. While the Ambassador is away, an American family of tourists find themselves in trouble with the Communist police. Misunderstandings abound, romance blooms, and riots result as the story unfolds.
The cast, in order of appearance, includes Vincent Nguyen `21 as Father Drobney, Molly Davis `22 as Ambassador Magee, Emily Harmon `22 as Kilroy, Kevin Byrne `21 as Axel Magee, Liz Fogarty `20 as Marion Hollander, Alex Walker `20 as Walter Hollander, Hannah Pippenger `23 as Susan Hollander, Albert Ho `23 as Krojack, Annabelle Clark `22 as Burns, Gaby Johnson `22 as Chef, Danny Liu `20 as the Sultan of Bashir, Emma Vickers `21 as the Sultan’s First Wife, Eli Pippenger `20 as Kasnar, and Lizzie Tallman `20 as Countess Bordoni.
Erin Tallman `23, Lori Nadjingar `22, Oshane Vaccianna `20, Sean Bennet `20, Shawnell Sims-Ceballos `23 are cast as party guests.
Soldiers will be played by Niveah Evans `23, Marcin Ciaston `21, and Anton Altundas `21.
Performances will in the Lindsay Auditorium at 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday, April 15, and at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday, April 16 and 17. Tickets available at the door. $7 for adults, $5 for students and seniors.
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