Your generous gift to Wayland today provides meaningful opportunities for our current students and for generations of future students. We rely on your continued support to deliver the promise of our educational mission to our students.

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  • Capital Gifts

    Capital gifts play a crucial role in advancing Wayland's strategic objectives and initiatives. They have a significant impact on the Academy’s programs and resources. They make a crucial difference, helping us strengthen or launch academic initiatives, create scholarships, build or renovate buildings, and undertake other projects that advance the Academy’s priorities. They also stand as philanthropic landmarks for all donors, inspiring others to give generously.

    Capital gifts generally have these attributes:

    • They are outright gifts (as opposed to deferred or "planned" gifts, which are often made through a charitable trust, a gift annuity, or a donor's will). 
    • Donors may pay them over a period of time, generally up to five years.
    • Depending on the donor's intent, they can be spent in their entirety or they can be endowed funds that continue to support the Academy over time.
    • They can be unrestricted, or they can be earmarked for identified Academy needs that are of interest to the donor, such as student scholarships or endowed chair of a certain academic department.
    • They may be of gifts of cash, publicly traded securities, closely held stock, real estate, or other property.
    • They generally qualify for favorable tax treatment and can be a strategic tool in estate planning and wealth transfer.
    Many gifts come with naming opportunities, which means that an Academy program, building, or resource may be named in honor of the donor or someone else the donor wishes to commemorate.

    If you would like to discuss your legacy at Wayland Academy, please contact Director of Advancement Judy Hill H`08 at 920-356-2120 ext. 222.
  • IRA Charitable Rollover Option

    One convenient way to financially support Wayland Academy is directly from your IRA. This option is only for those IRA owners who are 70½ and older and must be made directly from your IRA to Wayland. These gifts DO NOT count as taxable income and are NOT tax deductible. To the extent that this material concerns tax matters, it is not intended or written to be used as tax advice. Each taxpayer should seek independent advice from a tax professional based on his or her individual circumstances.

    Here are some other requirements for making an IRA charitable rollover gift:

    • No material benefits can be received in return for the gift.
    • Gifts to all charities combined cannot exceed a total of $100,000 per taxpayer for the year.
    • The gift can be made only from an IRA. Gifts from 401(k), 403(b), 457 plans, simple IRA plans and simplified employee pension (SEP) plans are not permitted.
    This may be the right gift for you to make if:

    • You want to see the immediate impact your gift has on Wayland Academy.
    • You want to make a charitable gift and your IRA includes available assets.
    • You do not need additional income created by your required minimum distribution.

    To make this type of gift, cont
    act your IRA Plan Administrator and instruct them to transfer the funds directly to Wayland Academy. Gifts can be sent to:

    Office of Advancement
    Wayland Academy
    101 North University Avenue
    Beaver Dam, WI 53916-9983

    You can also download the following letter and mail it to your IRA Plan Administrator for specific directions.

    Qualified Charitable Distribution Sample Letter

    Wayland Academy’s tax identification number is 39-0806363.

    If you would like assistance or have any questions please contact Director of Major and Planned Giving Tyler J. Ratajczak  at (920) 356-2120 ext. 282 
  • Outright Gifts

    An individual has many options as to how to make a gift to Wayland Academy. The most common is the outright gift of cash, securities, stock, real estate, and personal property. These gifts are most often fully tax deductible. For questions regarding any of the types of gifts below, please contact Director of Donor Relations Kelly Neuert at 920-356-2120 ext. 244.

    Cash Gifts

    Gifts of cash are most often made through a single payment by check, credit card, or payroll deduction. Wayland also receives cash gifts through pledge payments. Payments of pledges may be established in a number of ways including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or even spread out over several years. In most instances, cash gifts are unrestricted in nature, thus enabling Wayland the flexibility to utilize the gifts to meet the school's most immediate needs.

    Stocks or Securities

    Many individuals each year give Wayland stock or appreciated securities. These gifts offer the donor the opportunity to realize significant tax advantages. In addition, gifts of appreciated securities often allow a donor to make larger gifts than they could otherwise afford. Gifts of securities may be made to Wayland by contacting Director of Donor Relations Kelly Neuert at 920-356-2120 ext. 244.

    Real Estate

    Real Estate may be given to Wayland Academy through the gift of any standard form of warranty deed or acceptable quitclaim deed. An outright gift of real estate offers the donor a charitable tax deduction for the fair market value of the property.

    Gifts of Personal Property

    Donors may give Wayland a variety of personal property such as computers, books, art, and furniture that can be used in our educational mission. This type of outright gift is often known as a gift-in-kind. Donors and their tax advisors assign a value to the donated property for tax purposes.
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