Einstein by Design participants are given the tools needed to be as creative and skillful as possible. Inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, artists and mathematicians through innovation literacy-based activities that reinforce problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Einstein By Design encourages kids to take the T.I.M.E. to Tinker Innovate Make and Explore, growing in confidence, learning and having fun. 

Einstein by Design Summer Programs

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  • STEAM Explorers

    July 15-19, 9 am to 12 pm
    3rd to 5th grade students
    Our highly trained Lead Explorers will help children select project from the following modules:
    Music and Mechanical Engineering, Flight and Aerial Photography, Textiles and Technology,
    Smart Home IoT Build with Arduino, and Virtual Reality Game and App Creation with Google
    Cardboard. Children then complete these applied-technology adventures with a focus on digital
    arts, making, tinkering, designing, engineering and robotics, electronic circuitry and computer
    programming. Campers will have access to some of the latest technology tools, as well as
    traditional crafts and tools depending on the week and focus of the projects. Our weeks will be
    filled with Making and Tinkering, learning new tools, making new friends, inventing and gaining
    confidence as an innovative thinker.
  • Battle Bots

    July 15-19, 9 am-12 pm
    6th to 8th grade students
    Welcome to the field of Combat Robotics! Your life won’t be the same once you've built and
    battled robots. Learn how to build a combat robot from scratch, then battle it in our custom
    arena. In our workshop, you will build Ant Weight Class (1 lb.) robots to battle. Come up with
    your strategy, design it, and then build it. Will you design a bot with a weapon, or will you
    choose to make a more defensive-minded “wedge” bot? In the workshop, we’ll teach you
    electronics and fabrication skills to help you build the chassis, program the microcontroller,
    solder together the electronics, connect our R/C controller, and troubleshoot issues found during testing. At the end of the week, we’ll conduct our own battle-bot tournament to test our
    creations against one another.
  • Drone Technology-Mini-Quadcopter Build

    July 15-19, 1-4 pm
    3rd to 5th grade students
    6th to 8th grade students
    Learn to design, build and fly your very own drone! In this exciting, hands on class, you will
    learn about the design, fabrication, and safe operation of drones by building their very own
    mini-quadcopter, which is a fully functional drone You will learn how to solder and identify key
    electronic and mechanical components, as well as how to troubleshoot and repair your build, as
    necessary. At the end of the program, you will have a fully functional Mini-Quadcopter to FLY
  • STEAM Tech Start-Up Challenge

    July 22-26, 9 am-12 pm
    3rd to 5th grade students
    In this unique hands-on program campers will go through a boot camp style learning
    experience to help inspire and equip them with the tools to launch a business. From hardware
    hacking to software programming, campers will be exposed to the latest technologies, along
    with branding and design concept building to successfully launch a startup. Select design
    challenges from a variety of fields, such as electronics, robotics, biotechnology, architecture,
    sound mixing, or fashion design to create products that use STEAM-based practices and
    develop problem solving, creativity, and persistence. Guiding the next generation of makers and
    technologists, expert Learning Guides will help campers through every step of the startup
    launch process. Campers will learn both entrepreneurial and life skills. From creative
    brainstorming, blogging, budgeting and packaging to basic accounting, this is just the tailored
    experience to keep the summer productive. At the end of the program students will compete for
    various prizes, including various tech kits. Ready, set, launch!
  • Woodworking Technology: Design & Build

    July 22-26, 9 am-12 pm
    3rd to 5th grade students
    Campers in this class use principles of math, science, architecture, and engineering to create
    and build functional and structurally sound designs. Campers also learn to safely and accurately
    measure, cut, and join all materials using hand tools, as well as use 3D modeling software for
    prototyping. You will be challenged to develop your building skills and inner creativity as you put
    together your awesome build. Rise to the challenge and expand your boundaries as you work in
    a safe environment to bring awesome ideas to life. You’ll familiarize yourself with essential
    workshop safety and the six simple machines as you work alongside new friends. At the end of camp, share your work at our design showcase and take home your final build.
  • Build Your Own Remote-Controlled Car with Arduino

    July 22-26, 1-4 pm
    3rd to 5th grade students
    6th to 8th grade students
    This camp for beginning and advanced students alike will cover physics concepts related to car
    design, including aspects of aerodynamics, brakes, tires, and steering. Students will get a look
    into the design and optimization of various vehicle subsystems through an understanding of
    related physics concepts. Kids have heard of driverless cars, but do they know how the
    automobiles are programmed? We explore machine learning design and programming, along
    with Bluetooth technology to create a remote-control car each student will design and take home at the end of the week.
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