DJ Wayland Dance Parties

Najani Palomino and Oshane Vaccianna
Our Capstone was on the Art of Disk Jockey (DJing) and we chose this to challenge ourselves to break from the long-gone tradition of having generic playlists at dances that had moments of pauses in between songs.  This eventually becomes unsatisfying to the listeners and  changes their mood, so what we seek to accomplish is fine-tuning music selections to having one smooth transition, keeping the listeners engaged, which becomes enjoyable.

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All this hard work of course wasn’t only by us, but also by the following people who we are thankful for in helping us throughout this learning experience:
Ms. Bird who helped us source and purchase a DJ controller.
Mr. Estervig our advisor who supported us and provided us access to the dance studio.
Mr. Behm and Mr. Beecher for providing us with the proper speaker systems and controls we needed.
And last but certainly not the least, to all of the Wayland community who showed up and supported our party. Thank You.
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