Learn to Bake

Alex Walker and Katie Tyranski
We decided to make cakes from Pinterest in order to improve our baking and decorating skills, it was certainly an experience.  Although there were not blood, sweat, and tears going into the food, because that's gross, there was immense exhaustion, extreme messes, and a lot of bickering like an old married couple. It was still fun though because we got to improve skills in baking that we never thought we would ever be able to improve. Alex was able to improve his frosting ability and (much to Katie's delight) how clean he can be when baking. Katie noted that Alex went from being a messy tidal wave to a small rain shower in the kitchen. 

We named our most adorable cake Ferdinand and he was an adorable (and delicious!) sheep (See project photo). He took 3 hours to make, but he was in no way our longest or most exhausting. By the end of one of our bakes we were exhausted on the floor of the kitchen eating pizza and staring at the cake we just made feeling absolutely drained. 

We have so much respect for professional bakers because we never imagined that this capstone could be so time consuming and draining, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. We formed a great partnership and were able to hold each other up and keep each other going through this daunting task! 
Special thanks to our mom (we are basically siblings at this point) for letting us utilize the kitchen, buying baking supplies, helping with dishes, and being more than willing to taste-test our cakes. We couldn't have done it without her partially because having an advisor is a capstone requirement, but also because of the help and positive energy she provided us with throughout the whole process. 
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