Translate a Book From Chinese into English

Shuhong Liu
I translated the novel The Generation of Rubbernecks by Zhenyun Liu from Chinese to English for my capstone project. The reason I did this is because I love this book so much.  I read it three or four times, and I wanted to recommend it to my friends in America, but I couldn't find a translation.  So I thought, fine -I'll do it myself.  And I did - almost 300 pages. The biggest difficulty I had while translating this book is that there were a lot of references to Chinese literature, mythology, and government systems.   I couldn't translate the references in a way that would make sense to a foreign audience, so what I did was use footnotes to explain what was going on. 
Later, I actually had a chance to have a phone conversation with the author, Mr. Zhenyun Liu, himself. We had wonderful exchanges regarding the plots and ideas in this book. Mr. Liu told me the book has already been translated by Howard Goblatt, and he is currently looking for publishers in America. He also promised me a copy of the official version of the translation, so I can make some comparisons and hopefully learn from the professionals. 
I want to shout out to Matthew Wagner, who was my proofreader. He helped me find errors, and we worked for hours on this.  Thank you, Matthew.

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