Create Number Theory Videos

Kurt Li
I wish to introduce my Senior Capstone projects to you. Number theory is one of the branches in the broad mathematic field. Math contains studies of pure math, such as algebra, geometry, calculus, number theory, or topology, and applied math like mathematical economics or mathematical physics.

Those are the basic concepts of number theory, and the videos I created will provide assistance for you if your intended majors are math or computer science.  Although it literally has little connection with Calculus, which all high schools currently focus on, it is beneficial to look at some pure mathematical properties of numbers and the logic/intentions to solve math problems. 
The process of learning math is unlimited. I sincerely hope that these videos may improve your mathematical thinking or stimulate your math interests. 
My number theory videos have 9 different subjects:
  • Divisibility
  • GCD and LCM
  • Primes
  • Introduction to Modular Congruences
  • Fermat’s Little Theorem
  • Euler’s Theorem
  • Order
  • Wilson’s Theorem
  • Digits
Acknowledgement: Thanks to Ms. Rock who supported me and explored some problems and thank Ms. Bird who provided me number theory related books and borrowed me the giant whiteboard, some markers and the phone holder.
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