Design and Market Clothing

Jaspreet Dhillon
For my capstone, I decided to create a merchandise line called “Beaux Anges.” The inspiration came from the Youtuber, Emma Chamberlain, who has her merchandise line and frequently promotes it in her videos. The start of October was when I started my capstone because I didn’t know what the ideal theme would be like, so I decided to create a light blue/dark blue theme, which then led me to some realizations. I didn’t want the brand I was creating to be the way that I started ‘visioning’ it to be. 
So, by late November, I had to start all over, with the help of my advisor, Mr. Behm suggested that I should look at some other Youtuber merch, so that’s what I did. I created the first two designs which I loved and put them online on a store that I created through the website “Bonfire.” The first design was inspired by a Youtuber named Haley Pham, who has merchandise that has a name she calls her fans but the letters are different colors and she doesn't incorporate the shadows on the letters. The second design is related to Wayland’s college letter sweatshirts that I have always loved. 
However, the third and final product I had trouble with, in late January, I didn’t know what to do, so again I turned to Mr. Behm for help. He suggested that I create a design that is related to my artwork for his class. With the little time left that I had, I was able to finish the design, and have it shipped by the due date. 
Thank you to Mr. Behm for helping me through the process of my capstone. 

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