Help Teachers

Mehrzad Tardast and Saghi Rokneddini
We designed a capstone project that aimed to help faculty members with tasks they needed to accomplish but did not have enough time for. We began creating a list of what faculty had requested for their classrooms/offices using a Google Form survey. After some research, our list got narrowed down to designing and decorating a bulletin board for Ms. Damon, repainting the periodic table for Mr. Asobo’s chemistry classroom, book foldings for Ms. Mangones, and painting of a bicycle for Mrs. Ratajczak. 

Because we already worked on many projects together before, we had a clear idea of how we were as partners and were sure we could do this together. Throughout the whole process, we were always reminded of what we were aiming for: “dedicating our free time to help the faculty who constantly give up their free time to give students additional help outside of class.”

We enjoyed every single moment of this project. As seniors, this capstone project was a great way for us to socialize while being productive and get a great teamwork experience. Along with that, we were aiming to make the campus a beautiful place and not only benefit the teachers but also help make the campus look better in a way that would benefit the students as well.

We ended up getting projects that pushed us to our limits and had us learn some new skills. Every project had its own challenges to overcome. If we were to go back and do anything differently, it would probably be planning ahead, more communication with the teachers and having backup plans B, C and D in case things did not go as planned. This project helped us understand the teachers better and get to know about the things they could have done in their free time. 
We would like to thank Ms. Damon for her genuine and continuous help; this project would’ve been impossible to finish without her help. We also would like to thank Mrs. Ratajczak and Ms. Bird for their help in supervising the capstone and making sure our needs of supply were met. Also thanks to Jess Dhillon `20 for her help with Mrs. Ratajczak’s painting project.
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