Reduce Plastic Drinking Straw Use

Tia Thomas
For my senior capstone, I reduced the number of plastic straws that Beaver Dam restaurants use. I chose reducing plastic straws because every restaurant I go to I am given one even though I don’t use them. I went to almost all of the restaurants around town to ask if they were interested in helping reduce the number of straws they hand out. The restaurants that agreed to help have a sticker that was designed and donated by Chelsie Willson, a former Wayland Academy alumnus, to put on their front door indicating that customers would have to ask for a straw.
I really enjoyed talking to the restaurant owners and understanding their side of the plastic straw issue. However, I would have included a step that held the restaurants more accountable after agreeing to ask customers before giving them straws. Having done this project it has made me more confident in speaking up for what I believe in and I want to continue doing this and handing out my stickers!
I want to thank Mr. Behm for advising my capstone and connecting me to Chelsie and to Ms. Bird and everyone else who helped me.
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