Create Documentary About Women Working in Saudi Arabia

Luis Vaquilar
For my capstone, I made a documentary about woman working in Saudi during winter break. I chose this project as my mother inspired me to do as I witness her work from time to time. My mother works in Saudi, where woman are secondary choices in the workforce. Men were the alphas in the working environment.
Making this capstone was a huge challenge, getting my sources to open up, talk about their experiences, but the final product is a huge success. I learned a lot making this documentary, as someone who lives in Saudi, I only knew about the rules implemented to woman’s but never knew what they were feeling. It was eye-opening as it gave me different perspective on what’s going on in the world.
Ultimately, I enjoyed doing my capstone; the process of getting their trust, answers and editing the raw video (with the help of my father). It my first time ever documenting anything and a subject far from my interest.
I would like to thank first and foremost, the people who I interviewed, as this documentary would not be possible without them. For My mother, for being there during the interview and helping me get in touch with the people I’m asking. My father, for guiding me on editing the video. For Mr. Walters, for great insight and suggestion that amplified my capstone and pushing me to do the research part.  Mr. McDonnell, for giving me advices on how to film a documentary. 
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