Brighten People's Days

Torrence Bennett
For my capstone I made, “Little Pockets of Positivity,” by that I mean I made worry stones wrapped in little packages with positive or inspirational messages.

I chose to do this project because I wanted to do something I liked; not just to do a project to get over it. However, coming up with this idea took a bit of brainstorming. From the help of Mrs. Bird, guiding me towards one of the main things I enjoy and that is seeing people happy; to Mr. Behm for solidifying how I would do it. I wanted to include the whole school, so approximately 300 worry stones were made, wrapped up and distributed throughout the campus. I did not disclose I was the person who left these packages around to get more of a reaction, to give a certain type of flair to the project and also it felt cool. The only people who knew were the ones who helped me.

The things I enjoyed most about this project were hiding the packages, getting good feedback from them, and writing down the positive messages because I ended up feeling inspired. The challenges were keeping the secret from people, especially from my friends, finding places to hide them, having the patience to make all of them, and waking up early to place them.  What I would’ve done differently was not make so many worry stones because I overestimated people’s curiosity and some people would interact with them then leave them. Some of the things I’ve learned from doing this project were that it is people’s choice to accept positivity or not and sometimes to create happiness for others, you might have to suffer yours.

I would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Bird, Mr.Behm and the cleaning faculty.
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