Guiding Principles of The Big Red Return
Wayland Academy’s policies and protocols for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic will be rooted in safety for our students, faculty, and staff, as well as for the public we interact with. The primary goal for the Academy’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to continue our mission of developing the knowledge and character of our international community of students.
The plan is aligned and consistent with local orders and ordinances of the City of Beaver Dam and Dodge County, Wisconsin as well as the State of Wisconsin’s Badger Bounce Back Plan. We will also follow recommendations from the federal government (Opening Guidelines), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wisconsin Department of Public Health, and a number of national educational associations.

As our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve, our policies and plans will be updated as appropriate as more information becomes available.
Wayland Academy’s reopening plan, known as The Big Red Return, includes a focus on:
Community Health and Safety
Wayland is committed to reducing the risk of COVID-19 for its students, faculty and staff. Our strategy relies on a rigorous approach to testing, symptom monitoring, and cleaning, all aimed at keeping the risk of disease as low as possible.
Preserving the health of the campus community will be a broadly shared responsibility. Students, faculty and staff on campus during the 2020-21 academic year will be asked to adhere to a set of actions that protects their health and, equally important, protects the health of others on campus.
Return to Campus
All students, staff and faculty will complete a screening prior to returning to campus.  A points system will identify those at higher risk for additional monitoring.
Dates to return to campus have been staggered. Students and employees have received individual communication about return dates and times.
Everyone will be tested before or upon arrival to campus.  Day students and non-residential faculty and staff isolated at home until their negative test is returned.  Residential students will isolate in a temporary dorm until their negative test is returned and then will be able to move into their assigned dorm. Faculty and staff living on campus isolated in their living quarters until their negative test is returned.
Testing and Surveillance
Testing and surveillance are key to identifying infection and keeping it from spreading.
On a daily basis, all faculty and staff will complete a confidential online monitoring app and receive clearance through the app to come to campus. The app includes both a temperature check and a health survey to identify if they have experienced symptoms of if they have been exposed to someone experiencing symptoms.  Symptomatic/exposed employees will be decampused and tested while residential employees will isolate and test.
All day students will enter campus through the "Visitor Center" between 7:45 and 8:15 a.m. where they will have their temperature checked and a health survey completed to identify if they have experienced symptoms of if they have been exposed to someone experiencing symptoms. Symptomatic/exposed students will be tested, sent home, and their parents will be notified.
All residential students will have two health checks daily.  One during monitored periods in the late morning and a second during evening dorm checks.  They will have their temperature checked and a health survey completed to identify if they have experienced symptoms or if they have been exposed to someone experiencing symptoms.
Symptomatic/exposed students will be sent to isolation dorm rooms and tested. 
Quarantine protocols and contract tracing have also been established should a member of the campus community (or family member in the case of day students and non-residential faculty and staff) trigger a positive test result.
Face Coverings and Hand Sanitizer
Masks should be worn by everyone in the community (students, faculty and staff) when outside of dorm rooms. Cloth masks are appropriate and should be washed as an item of clothing. Reusable face shields may be used by trained faculty and staff.
Hand sanitizer should be used when entering and exiting a building.
The Wayland Academy housekeeping staff has been thoroughly trained in cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting best practices related to COVID-19.  The team has developed a comprehensive cleaning and sanitation system to reduce the risk of transmission of the disease.  They have invested in tested and recommended products and equipment to aid them in regular cleaning and high frequency sanitation of common surfaces.  To ensure sanitation consistency, the staff has implemented a blacklight audit system. 
The Academic Calendar
Academic instruction will return to campus with a mix of in-person and online courses beginning in mid-August and concluding at Thanksgiving recess. Second semester will begin in early January and conclude the end of May. Spring break will be shortened from three weeks to one. View Wayland's Academic Calendar.
Campus Communication
Color Coded Alert System
A three-level alert system (Red, Yellow and Green) will ensure awareness of our status for all campus community members. Levels are established in conjunction with the Dodge County, Wisconsin reporting system and indicate the level of restriction on campus. 

Level Red – High restriction as a result of a symptomatic individual, high community spread in Dodge County. Some actions include but are not limited to: no visitors allowed on campus, no student trips off campus, increased sanitation efforts.

Level Yellow – Moderate restrictions on campus. The campus is at Level Yellow if the Wayland Health Center and/or the Dodge County Health Department determine no indicators to remain at Level Red. Actions on campus include but are not limited to: controlled visitor access to campus, limited student trips off campus as sponsored by Wayland, regular sanitation efforts. 

Level Green – No health-related restrictions on campus. Usual campus rules for safety and security apply.
Additional Information Resources
The Wayland website will also include resources about The Big Red Return.
Questions may be directed to
On Campus Housing and Dining
Wayland intends to operate all of its residence halls with enhanced safety protocols for shared spaces.

Dorm Rooms
Most rooms will have two residents and will be configured to provide the most distance between desks and beds. Rooms will be preset prior to student arrival.
Common Areas
To facilitate physical distancing, lounge areas will be rearranged. All communal or large spaces will be closed.  Only faculty, staff or other leaders may open a room for students where they will be supervised to ensure the social distancing protocols are adhered to and proper sanitation between use.
To effectively manage the number of people on campus the following protocols must be observed.

Visitors will not be allowed on campus during Level Red.
During Level Yellow, visitors will be allowed on campus by appointment only for pertinent business or with immediate family.
All visitors must check into campus at the “Visitor Center" where they will:
  • Have their temperature checked 
  • Sign in and provide contact information for potential contact tracing
  • Be informed of our campus social distancing and hygiene protocols 
  • Obtain a visitor badge and wear a face mask (they will be issued one if they don't have one) 
  • Visitors will be required to leave keys to ensure they check-out through "Visitor Center"
  • Evening/weekend visitors will be required to check in via the administrator on duty  
While meal service will be available at Pickard Dining Hall, a number of modifications will be implemented to ensure physical distancing and service efficiency, as well as sufficient opportunity to clean between meal services.
Most significantly, breakfast will be a pre-packaged grab-and-stay meal. The daily schedule has been adjusted to limit lunch and dinner to 60 students at a time. All meals will be plated on disposables in service area. Beverages will be individually packaged.
Outside food delivery will be prohibited during Level Red. Food delivery should be contactless during Level Yellow.
Other events incorporating meal service should be catered as plated, boxed or served meal – no buffets, continental self-serve or open bars. As much as possible, dining should be restricted to the dining hall after student dining services are done.
Workplace Plans
Many areas of the Wayland campus re-opened on August 1, 2020. To protect employees, work on campus will operate differently than in the past.
All employees will need to follow the health guidelines laid out above. They will be expected to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces, as well as outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Those in shared offices will be required to rearrange the workspace to ensure better physical distancing. Everyone will be asked to follow cleanliness protocols and to self-monitor for symptoms.
In order to reduce density in workplaces, departments will evaluate the best mix of in-person work versus telecommuting. In some cases, staggered hours will help reduce the number of employees in the workplace at any given time. For now, employees working remotely should continue to do so. Further guidance on returning to work will be provided in later messages.
We will work with staff who are at heightened risk of infection. If at all possible, reasonable accommodations will be made to allow these employees to work in a lower-risk environment.
Still to Come
More detailed information relating to operations will be coming as our planning process moves forward. For instance, the leadership team is in the process of evaluating its approach to various student life activities, including athletics, academic competitions, student clubs, and recreational programming.
Additional information will be provided to the campus community as plans are finalized. The Big Red Return website also will be continuously updated.
Questions can be sent to or phoned to 920-356-2120.
For additional information on how Wayland Academy has responded to the coronavirus, please see our COVID-19 webpage.
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