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Ring the Bell Student-Athletes

For years Wayland athletes have been ringing the Victory Bell to celebrate a win during athletic competition. This tradition continues, of course.

However, we also celebrate victories outside of competition. Wayland recognizes student-athletes weekly as part of our "Ring the Bell" program in athletics.

Being a Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week means these athletes' performance and behavior symbolize "Ringing the Bell" in their life—personally, athletically, and academically.  

Personally—They are someone who has empathy and gives back to others, works hard, and have high moral fiber.  

Athletically—They give maximal effort in practice and games, put the needs of the team before their own, and have good sportsmanship no matter the situation. 

Academically—They complete what is asked of them by their teachers, work hard, put in the time to get good grades, and are engaged in their classes. 

Ring the Bell Student-Athlete graphic with Victory Bell illustration