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Alumni Board

From social activities to educational programs, Wayland's Alumni Association actively engages alumni from around the U.S. and the world.

The Alumni Association Executive Board takes an active role in education, networking and service for the Academy, and meets quarterly. The Board's President also attends meetings of the Academy's Board of Trustees. 

Megan Petersen `11, President
Anna January `08,  Secretary
Adam Benavides `08
Walter Burtis `08
Laura Bachmann `10
Tami Posnanski Carpenter `88
Jordan Esten `02
Edgar Ezerietis `08
Austin Fiegel `10
Aaron Ganske `13
Lee Marcheschi `99
Mary Miller `08
Nick Ostermann `13
Megan Petersen `11
Connor Pierson `13
Scott Posnanski `86
Sam Radford `06
Beth Schneider Ratajczak `96
Katie Shank `08
Darcy Trapp Silver `03
Rebecca "Becky" Tyson `07
Eric Vaubel `14
Michael Vaubel `12
Cassaundra Bails-McLeod White `08
Serena Wolfe `07
Kun-ho Yoon `07

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seven male and female Wayland alumni at a gathering

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