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You’ve really got to see it for yourself. Located a short drive from Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin—getting to Wayland is easy. Let us know you’re coming, and we’ll prepare a day for you! Sit in on a class, grab a snack with friends at a local coffee house, or work up a sweat in the Janik Field House and Fitness Center. We’ll make sure your visit to Wayland and Beaver Dam shows off everything we love about living and learning here.



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Wayland on the Road

To connect with thousands of alumni and to meet prospective families like yours, we travel to over 40 cities annually throughout the year. Keep tabs on our whereabouts here to see if we’ll be stopping by your school or your city this year. When we’re out and about, we’ll offer information sessions with admission staff, one-on-one meetings with families and educators, and interview opportunities, so you can add a real, in-person meeting to your application file. 


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Not able to see us in action? We’ll come to your computer. We’re happy to schedule virtual interviews, virtual Q&A sessions with admissions, faculty, and coaches, and we’ve even compiled some of our favorite videos and moments of campus life to give you a taste of what awaits. Not finding everything you’re looking for? Reach out to us and let us know what excites you and we’ll aim to bring that slice of Wayland to your home screen quickly. 

To schedule a virtual interview or Q&A session, reach out to your admissions officer or email