Among the parts of our application process, we'll ask you to join us online for an interview. Some of us think through writing, others drawing, programming, and others talking. We say that interviews are informative and evaluative—put simply, they are a chance for you to learn more about Wayland and for us to learn more about you.

Questions About Interviewing

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  • Do you want a copy of my resume?

    While we know that you took care to compile all your information, we do not need any additional resumes or papers at the time of your interview. Come as you are, and we're looking forward to a conversation.
  • How do I request an admissions interview?

    There are a couple of ways to request an interview. As part of your application, your Wayland admissions officer will reach out by email to request an interview.

    You may also request an interview with us by clicking the 'Talk to Admissions' button on our homepage.
  • What do you mean the interview is 'informative' and 'evaluative'?

    We mean that interviews give you a chance to get informed about Wayland and they give us a chance to learn more about you. We pride ourselves on getting to know every applicant and what they will bring to our campus and community--the interview is a helpful way to do that for us.
  • What should I wear?

    You don't need to get too fancy on our account. Dress code is a collared shirt (and a tie for boys). That's a nice step toward feeling like you're here, but we're not the fashion police either. Most importantly, we want you to be comfortable and ready to share yourself with us.
  • Where are interviews conducted?

    These days, we conduct interviews entirely online, via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. You can request an interview by selecting the 'talk with Admissions' button on our websites.
  • Will you offer me feedback?

    We won't offer you feedback, because really, the interview is about you and learning what you'll bring to Wayland Academy. Be honest, be yourself, and we're excited to meet you.
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