Updates from Roundy: A Semi-Regular Blog from Wayland Admissions

Our admission officers travel, talk, interview, and think a lot about what makes a boarding school community like Wayland a great place to spend your high school years. And sometimes we can't quite fit it all into a Tweet or Facebook post. We put together this blog to keep you in touch with what we're thinking about—and we hope it gets you thinking, writing, and connecting with us too.

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  • My Big Red Return

    Bryanna Sanders, Assistant Dean of Admissions
    Coming back to campus as the latest Assistant Dean of Admissions has brought back nothing but positive memories as my time as a student!
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  • I paused in my tracks to enjoy fall on campus. No filters here, folks!

    Zooming In

    Josh Labove, Dean of Admission
    The community made possible by living and learning together isn't merely intact, it has thrived over 9 weeks of school.
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  • Two Steps for Access

    Josh Labove, Dean of Admission
    We're for access, and keeping a Wayland education within reach
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Meet the Admissions Office

Consider us your tour guides to all things Wayland! Despite all the places they've been and worked before, they boast an endless supply of Wayland trivia and an excitement to connect you to all that makes this community unique.

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  • Photo of Josh Labove

    Dr. Josh Labove 

    Dean of Admission
    920-356-2120 x. 241
  • Photo of Roxanne Sell

    Mrs. Roxanne Sell 

    Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Admission
    (920) 356-2120, ext. 237
  • Photo of Kayla Slusher

    Ms. Kayla Slusher 

    Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions
    920-356-2120 ext. 233
  • Photo of Bryanna Michaletz

    Mrs. Bryanna Michaletz 

    Assistant Dean of Admissions
    920-356-2120 ext. 252
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