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Student Success

What makes living and learning even better at Wayland? A team of cheerleaders, navigators, and coaches motivating you along the way.

Wayland's Student Success Program is designed to support students holistically through academic support, mental health resources, and social-emotional skills development. Our program focuses on the student, ensuring successful outcomes for all students through systems that provide access to the key resources that students may need to succeed. We meet students where they are and help them develop the skills to get them to where they aspire to be.

Our Student Success team works with each student to help them with their individual needs, with input from parents/guardians, teachers, and mentors. 

Services offered within our Student Success Program include:

  • on-campus individual and small-group mental health support
  • coordination of academic tutoring (including peer-to-peer)
  • specialized learning that focuses on developing key academic skills such as time management, organization, and study skills
  • evening study support program
  • individualized success plans for students
  • workshops on mental health and wellness (Coping with Stress, Managing Conflict, Homesickness)

Student Success Program Director

Tara Stewart

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