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Independent Study

Independent Study is available for students enrolled at Wayland Academy. Students may enroll in an independent study course if the course of study is not offered in the regular curriculum but can be established as an academically acceptable one within the secondary curriculum. An Independent Study course may only be pursued as an additional course to the regularly scheduled courses a student must take during a semester.

Guidelines for an Independent Study Course

  • An Independent Study Course must be approved initially by the Department Chair within which the study will be pursued and by the instructor who will supervise the course.
  • The Independent Study Course must be completed within the semester it was started.
  • The Independent Study Course must include at least two assessments (in a format to be selected by the teacher and department) within the semester.
  • The student must present a detailed outline of the Independent Study Course to the Academic Dean for final approval prior to the end of the second week of the semester within which the Independent Study is to occur.
  • The time allotted for the Independent Study Course must be equivalent to that expected in a regular curricular course.