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Since 1855, Wayland Academy has been dedicated to the education of young people. 

The liberal arts curriculum of the Academy, seen in its broadest sense, encompasses time-tested activities that prepare students to be successful beyond their high school years and to lead meaningful lives. The four Corinthian pillars of Wayland Hall symbolize the four pillars of a Wayland education: Scholarship, Faith, Health, and Service. The Academy recognizes these components as essential to developing well-rounded individuals. 

Wayland Academy Faculty members provide students with world-class preparation for lives of purpose through the pursuit of knowledge and development of character. From our classrooms, to our teams, to our residence halls and community activities our teachers and mentors are highly engaged in knowing each individual. Our personal learning plan program focuses on using strengths to support growth in areas of challenge. 

From 23 AP classes to 20 student clubs, to a range of options in athletics and the arts, Wayland offers more opportunities to explore than any one student could ever seize—opportunities to explore talents, to grow in leadership, to find a way to shine—and to develop the source material for an outstanding college application.