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SeaPerch Team Competes to Win at Lake Forest

SeaPerch Team with awards from the 2022 competition

Wayland's SeaPerch teams traveled to Lake Forest Academy for the National Museum of the American Sailor annual competition on Saturday, April 9. SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program for middle and high school students. Students build a remote operated vehicle (ROV) through a STEM curriculum that teaches  engineering and science concepts focused on a marine engineering theme. Students in teams of two to five build an ROV and compete in two underwater challenges. This competition was a regional qualifying event for the International SeaPerch Challenge which will take place at the University of Maryland in May.

The Wayland SeaPerch team, led by Ms. Gefvert `78, brought home three awards. Students executed great engineering, ship design, and expert underwater driving skills to earn the following awards:

  • First Place—Open Competition: Connor Keene-Gefvert `22 and Peter Dang `23
  • Second Place—Standard Competition: Lucia McGuinness `24 and Javan Hirwa `24
  • Third Place—Standard Competition: John Harmon `24 and James Menning `24

A lot of hard work, dedication, and commitment by these students and their advisor contributed to these positive results. Well done, Coach Gefvert and Sea Perch Team!


SeaPerch Team with awards from the 2022 competition


SeaPerch Team: Lucia McGuinness `24, Javan Hirwa `24, Connor Keene-Gefvert `22, Peter Dang `23John Harmon `24, Coach/Advisor Ms. Gefvert `78, and James Menning `24



Ms. Gefvert `78 and Peter Dang `23 work on underwater ROV

Ms. Gefvert `78 and Peter Dang `23 work on an underwater ROV in the STEAM lab

Connor Keene-Gefvert `22 works on underwater ROV

Connor Keene-Gefvert `22 prepares his underwater ROV for competition