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Ring-the-Bell Student-Athletes of the Week—February 20

Girls Basketball Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Hannah Pippenger `23

Congratulations to this week's Ring the Bell Student-Athletes of the Week (for February 20). These Big Red student-athletes are ringing the bell—personally, academically, and athletically! 🔔

  • Boys Basketball—Nelson Mitchell `25: Nelson is this week’s Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week for boys basketball. Nelson brought outstanding energy on defense and an attacking mentality on offense during last week’s games
  • Girls JV Basketball—The Entire JV Team: The entire JV girls basketball team is being recognized for this week's RTB. I could explain why I am nominating the entire team but instead, I will tell you what opponents coaches, fans, and referees have expressed to me after watching them play:
    "They are so fun to watch"
    "They play hard until the end no matter what the score is"
    "They really play as a team and support each other"
    "They truly seem to be having fun"
    "They are competitive and a good team"
    "What a great group of girls!  They play hard and hustle"
    There have been more comments but these are the ones that define our team. It takes a great group of dedicated, unselfish individuals to make a successful team.  Success isn't always defined by just wins and losses. The JV girls basketball team was very successful and I am so honored and proud to have been able to coach them this season.
  • Girls Varsity Basketball—Montse Murillo `25: Montse is the varsity girls Ring the Bell Student Athlete of the Week. She had 29 pts including six "three-pointers" in our game last Monday night at Valley Christian to lead us to an overtime win. On top of that outstanding performance, Montse is a leader by example, working hard every morning at 6:15 AM for morning weights. Way to #RTB Montse!
  • Powerlifting—Jordan Rickun `24: Jordan is the Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week for powerlifting this week! Jordan had her best week of the season so far, working extremely hard every day. However, what put her over the top to be the Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week was her positivity and abundance of energy she brought to each practice. She is a prime example of positive thinking/actions leading to positive results. Great job Jordan!  

Keep ringing the bell! 🔔 🎉 

  • Ring the Bell
Nelson Mitchell `25

Boys Basketball Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Nelson Mitchell `25

2023 JV Girls Basketball Team

JV Girls Basketball Ring the Bell Student-Athletes of the Week—The Entire JV Girls Basketball Team

Montse Murillo `25

Varsity Girls Basketball Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Montse Murillo `25

Jordan Rickun `24

Powerlifting Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Jordan Rickun `24