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Wayland Student-Athletes Are Ringing the Victory Bell—August 29

Ring the Bell Student-Athlete graphic with Victory Bell illustration

For years, Wayland athletes have been ringing the Victory Bell to celebrate a win during athletic competition. This tradition continues, of course. However, we are also celebrating victories outside of competition. This year Wayland will be recognizing student-athletes weekly as part of our "Ring the Bell" program in athletics.

Being a Ring-the-Bell Student-Athlete of the Week means these athletes' performance and behavior symbolize "Ringing the Bell" in their life—personally, athletically, and academically.  

  • Personally, they are someone who has empathy and gives back to others, someone who works hard, and someone who has high moral fiber.  
  • Athletically, they give maximal effort in practice and games, put the needs of the team before their own, and have good sportsmanship no matter the situation. 
  • Academically, they are completing what is asked of them by their teachers, working hard, putting in the time to get good grades, and being engaged in their classes.  

These are this week's (August 29) Ring-the-Bell Student-Athletes:

  • Soccer—Javan Hirwa `24:  Javan worked extremely hard in all of the drills and conditioning, giving maximal effort. On top of that, Javon was extremely welcoming and supportive of all of the new athletes on the team.
  • Cross Country—The Entire Boys Varsity Squad: These athletes finished 4th of 12 at the meet at Palmyra-Eagle and pushed themselves extremely hard on a challenging course. They supported each other and stuck together—creating a positive result! 
  • Girls Tennis—Lucia "Lu" McGuinness `24: Lu McGuinness showed great character this week in tennis. She gave back her earned #1 singles position to her teammates and will concentrate on doubles tennis and volleyball. Way to RING THE BELL, Lu!
  • Rowi​ng—Pablo Moreira `24: Pablo partnered for two circuit rounds with a younger student and was very encouraging the whole time. He brings a team-first attitude each day to practice and looks forward to our competitions.
  • Volleyball (Varsity, JV, JV2)—Dani Espinoza `24, Shawnell Sims-Ceballos `23, Kennedy Norris `26: These three athletes had an overwhelmingly positive attitude and a huge desire for their teammates to improve. 

Congratulations to all our Ring-the-Bell Student-Athletes! 🎉

  • Ring the Bell

Boys Soccer Ring-the-Bell Student-Athlete of the Week
Javon Hirwa `24

Girls Tennis Ring-the-Bell Student-Athlete of the Week
Lucia "Lu" McGuinness `24

Rowing Ring-the-Bell Student-Athlete of the Week
Pablo Moreira `24

Girls Varsity Volleyball Ring-the-Bell
Student-Athlete of the Week
Dani Espinoza `24

Girls JV Volleyball Ring-the-Bell
Student-Athlete of the Week
Shawnell Sims-Cabellos `23

Girls JV2 Volleyball Ring-the-Bell
Student-Athlete of the Week
Kennedy Norris `26