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Ring-the-Bell Student-Athletes of the Week—May 22

Softball Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Sierra Mietzel `26

Congratulations to the last Ring the Bell Student-Athletes of the week for the 2022-2023 school year! Join us in ringing the bell to celebrate these student-athletes. 🔔

  • Baseball—Lucas Cristea-Rist `26 and Tavondre Bruns `26: Lucas for working his tail off in center and working hard at the plate, and Tavondre for hitting a missile to left and finding a home on defense in left. In the past few weeks, their work ethic and attitude have been a great example. Way to Ring the Bell! 
  • Lacrosse—John Harmon `24: John has worked hard in practice and has made countless strides in all areas of his game as a lacrosse player this year. John has a motor that never stops. He is always hustling, trying his best, and constantly looking to improve every practice. For his hard work this past week, and all season, John is our athlete of the week.
  • Rowing—Llyan Tabas `24: Llyan is being recognized for quickly learning how to be a coxswain and for championing her boat, the freshman girls quad. Way to Ring the Bell! 
  • Soccer—Naomi Mwai `23: Naomi is the Ring the Bell student-athlete of the week for her willingness and love for this team. By her play on the field, you can see she plays with tenacity and pursuit of a win. She also leads her team off the field by making sure the organization of her teammates in drills or even wearing the right colors for each day of practice. Her Senior leadership will be missed heading into next season. Thank you for all your commitment to the school and the team.
  • Softball—Sierra Mietzel `26: Sierra's efforts for the team have been incredible. She pitched in every game we have had this year, and on offense, Sierra hit over .400 for the season. Sierra is an athlete that others look up to and is a great leader on the team. WAY TO GO!
  • Tennis—Spencer Gilbert `23: Spencer is a varsity singles player who works hard to improve his groundstrokes. He has worked to improve his skills since last year. 
  • Track and Field—William Goodman`24 and Bibliana Thomas `24:
    • William has been a consistent, strong performer, all season long. Going into regionals on Monday, he took on a new race because it would benefit his entire team. William has been consistently ringing the bell, for track and field this season!
    • Biblianna has been a versatile stalwart for our team this year. She does her best in any race she runs. She also leads her teammates with quiet intensity and competitiveness.

Keep ringing the bell—personally, academically, and athletically! 🔔 🎉 

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Baseball Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week, Tavondre Bruns `26

Baseball Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Tavondre Bruns `26

Soccer Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week Naomi Mwai `23

Soccer Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Naomi Mwai `23

Track and Field Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Biblianna Thomas `24

Track and Field Ring the Bell Student-Athlete of the Week—Biblianna Thomas `24