Alumni Association Board of Directors

From social activities to educational programs, Wayland's Alumni Association actively engages alumni from around the U.S. and every continent (except Antarctica!). The Alumni Association Executive Board takes an active role in education, networking and service for the Academy, and meets quarterly. The Board's President also attends meetings of the Academy's Board of Trustees. Alumni Association Board of Directors

Jordan Esten `02, President
Cassaundra McLeod `08, Vice President
Nikki Brown-Huss `96, Secretary
Kristene Boucher `97
Kevin Bruning `79
Adrell Bullock `03
Walter Burtis `08
John DeVine III `87
James Downing `94, Past President
Alex Hodgdon `05
Anna January `08
Alicia Kelly `99
Elizabeth “Lizzy” Boucher Lee `99
Kathryn “Kay” Jermain Lillesand `55
Lee Marcheschi `99
Patricia “Trish” Duez Martin `96
John Miller `05
Javier “J” Pizarro `90
Scott Posnanski `86
Eva Hartman Ptaschinski `83
Sam Radford `06
Sam Sackett `85
Mihai Schnell-Harrison `12
Fred C. Schwertfeger `91
Rebecca "Becky" Tyson `07
Michael VanHaren `82, Past President
Marjorie Warren `03
Dick Washburn `69
Terrence Wilson `02
Kun-ho Yoon `07